Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something More Than Words

First Base have release a 4 songs demo called Reach Out in early 2007. Here some lyrics from the demo.

Something more than words.


You now tell me what it means to be you
What drives you to keep on living for yourself alone?
What did you hope for? What do you aim for?
Make me understand. Make me believe that this is not one of your lies.
I have enough. I draw the line, I'll take a step back.
For what you believe. Its not necessarily be the truth for me.
Unclear, uncertain and unsure, for what it means.
In the end we are the ones who define what the truth is for ourselves.

We go trough miles!

To understand what you live for
The truth you created and disseminated
The truth you forced upon us
Confusion in our midst for things we once believed
We go trough miles

Limiting our way of life
With your narrow views
We're in this together
No need for intolerance
You're not alone

Inflexibility in ideology is not what we seek
Acceptance and tolerance of changing times
To the betterment of ourselves,
Our understanding of the bigger picture

And now is the time to prove you wrong
But I won't forget we go trough miles

This is the end, I'll draw the line
I wont let it take what left of us

This is the end.

( Hardcore for us so is so big that it meant differently for every individuals, so it's quite fuck up to say that what come from one person's mouth is the absolute truth that everyone have to follow. one part of being in the scene is to find out what it means for your own self and to learn constantly. to just follow that one person's words as the absolute truth and to just node your head to everything he/she says is quite pointless to be in the scene in the first place. )

Breaking the bonds.

Tried to hold on to it
But turned down every time
What happened was
Broken up into a thousand pieces
And what we've done to make things
Turn for the better
To what we said would make it wrong
And we are left with this
Final choice to make

It's best for us to break the bonds
The choice this time is not ours to make
For the first time

I choose to back down
For now
This fight is endless
I need you to understand this problem
Let's find another way
And to decide this
Final choice to make

( Friendship come and go, and at one point it's not even our choice to break a bond that have been made for so long. sometime the best way to keep that bond is to break it so that both side can keep what's important between both of them from the first place. )

Reach out!

We failed from time to time again, but we got back up
And i know I'm not alone, I know that you will be there to
Catch me..!
When I fall down on my knees, when i dried up my tears
I know that you'll be there, when I reach out my hand?

And now again, I reach out but you weren't there
I understand that, you have your reason
I respect..!
I want you to know, I'll still be right by your side
Until the end, until the end of the day

What were gone through I won't forget it
From the end we start again, won't let it be the end

I reach out my hand and hope that you will
Grab my hand and bring me up to continue the fight

( Even though the song's meaning is quite obvious and often used/talked by other bands, we just wanted to make it clear to everyone that knew us as either friends or foes. that as long as we still have that bond, that friendship, we will be here. because the band was made up by the same bond for without it we are nothing. so this song is a token of appreciation and at the same time a reminder for everyone in and outside the band. )


We always crack after a few temptations
Don't lose yourself to that
And I would know, been through this before
It's going to eat you alive and all you got is regret

Start with pure heart and stick with what you believe
Don't give in to greed, don't let it stand in your way
It clouds your sight, darken your heart, youl lose yourself
Protect yourself, don't give in, don't lose out.

Now let's move on with brighter things
Don't let yourself be stuck with that
I know for a fact that you have nothing to regret for

It's not too late.
You still have time to correct the wrong.
But if you fail on your way to the top,
You wont have anyone to back you up

Don't give in to your greed.
Don't let it stand in your way
It clouds your sight, darken your heart.
You'll lose yourself

So now, choose for your own sake.
But take your time, don't rush out, you wont regret.

( We've seen this so many times, where people change for the sake of money, power and fame. and in the end you are left with a hollow heart where everyone around you is fake. but the thing is with life we always got second chance. if you lose yourself you might find it again, but at the same time you might lose everything that is important and might not regain it back ever again. )

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