Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Taiping Trip. [MOSH Family Day]

Finally got extra time to update this blog. Fuckk... it's been a while i busy with UF Booking and looking for new jobs on the net. ahhaha..
9 am @ Taiping Lake Garden.
Mind Reset.

Me, Lim's and xSuqonx

3's Stooges.

A Gifted that i got.



9 am @ Taiping Lake Garden road.

xSyafikx Norsann.

Bukit Meral Lake Town Resorts entrance.
xNadeax, Limbong, xManja, xAmmax

xSuqonx and xAmmax

Da Boss! xEjatx


With Lim's the Bulu Monster.

Another Pubik Hair Monter.

Football match between GK+SB vs MOSH Crew. Definitely we win. ahahaha. 10 - 5.
Sorry MOSH Crew. You need practice more. :)
GK Brigade + SB Hoods + MOSH Apparel Crew.

Lim's and xSuqonx


Bukit Merah Lake.

7.20 am @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resorts.

So you think you can dance? @ Bukit Merah Apartment.
Contestant : xEjat, Lim's and xSyafikx

Chef for today.


This is real holiday. thanks to MOSH and Ejat SB. Hell man i having a great time.

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