Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Final Attack - Length Of Time

Final Attak - Lenght of time CDEP

Pissed off, anger and heavy. That all i can say about "Length of Time" by Final Attack. This is another good releases by First Note Records. With full of though and passion Final Attack talking about desperation, frustration and political subjet matter. This cd's also tribute to FA good friend Denu and Mario who passed away last year. Both musical and lyrical are fantastic. This is what i waiting for a long time. Final Attack is one of my favourite band from Indonesia beside Straight Answer, Tanpa Batas and What We Think. Hope i can find more band like Final Attack in a future. This is what we want, This is what we need in Malaysia. Grab this cdep fast. Email them at and add them on myspace

Recomended for fans : Outspoken, Allegiance, Down To Nothing, Reign Supreme.

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