Saturday, March 7, 2009

Motivation Malaysia "vacation" Tour 2009.

Vacation on Tour? Owh man... this is real good. i had another great weekend again. Motivation from Hungary are on tour Southeast Asia and Malaysia was the last stop before their going back to Hungary. So it's my jobs to make all the bands tour here happy and enjoy their tour as much as they can. Thanks to Kids On The Move, Back On Track, High Castle HC family and a few retarded kids.!! One of the best tour ever. Can't wait for the next "vacation" tour!

Around sunway heading to LCCT Airport to pick up Motivation.

On the way to Mallaca where the first show for Motivation.

xSuqonx our driver.

After lunch at Seremban highway pit stop.

Motivation @ A Famosa, Mallaca.

Hungarian Death Metal. Ahahah.



Punch us please..

Young Till We Die.

Shipwreck @ Mallaca Town.

Vegietarian Food Salesgirl.

xAto'kx and xCsontix after show @ MCPA K.Lumpur.

xArwithx and xNemox after show @ MCPA K.Lumpur.

xWanx Congo and xCsontix after show @ MCPA K.Lumpur.

Bob "tailslide" @ DangaBay Sk8park.

Azam "Lipslide" @ DangaBay Sk8park.

Patrik "Ollie over 4 1/2 Deck" @ DangaBay Sk8park. Amazings.

Audi fuck face. Before heading Desaru Beach.

xAttilax and xCsontix @ Rookies Steakhouse.

Hand of the martyr.

In front of Rookies Steakhouse.

Desaru Golden Beach Resort carpark.

xAttix and his board.

Welcome to Desaru.

xSyamix and xChacax.

Kids On The Move.



Me and xSuqonx




Wave chaser.

Fuck On The Beach.



xSuqonx and xAttilax. Run faggot, Run..!

Enter Sandman.


Oh.. I love you.

xManjax Fall in love.

Positive Motivation Crew.

Tough guys posse.

Positive Mental Crew.

Hip hop Hooray



Goodbye Desaru. We'll comeback for sure.

Sexy ass.

This is the final goodbye.
Thanks to Limbong, Azam, Ampai, Ajib, Dungga Back On Track and HCxHC crew, Uncle Jack, Talib and the rest of Rookies crew, Amar and Khottal, Bob and xSuqonx our driver, xPalix and xEinx of Second Combat, xAizamx for the van, Shaiful, Joanna, Raymond, Haikal, Rico Hanif who come all the way from singapore to hang around with us, xEjatx, xAmarx, Den, xZulx, xSyafikx and the rest MOSH Apparel Crew, xAudix, xMan Cacingx and the rest DK Hoods, SB Hoods, GK Brigade.
Next Stop.MOSH Apparel Family day @ Pangkor Island. 28-29 March 2009.