Thursday, October 22, 2009


Before leaving for 6 day i decide to decorate my wall with piece of paper that i think normal ppl dont really interest with it. various of design and size have to choose..

Integrity - To Die For [Deathwish Inc]
From Left.
Death Is Not Glamorous - Soft Clicks [Dead And Gone Records] Converge - You Fail Me [Epitaph, Deathwish Inc] Outbreak - Eaten Alive [Think Fast Records] No More Fear - A Matter Of Choice Tour [Field Of Hope] Call Me Lightning - The Trouble We're In [Revelation] Undisclose Exposition - Miles Away Singapore Show [2007] Eucalypt/Kias Fansuri - SE Asia Tour Poster [2008] The Geeks/Outbreak Korea Tour [2006].
Need more wall to stick it.! Please throw me any show/flyer/tour poster. Anyone?

This is Converge - You Fail Me sculpture i try to carving long time ago. Not Finish yet. Need more free time at home.
I ask my sister to place order BWP shirt and xAjayx give me free "Forgotten Soul" CD's. Thanks dude. Hope to meet you someday either UK or Malaysia. Check them out.
Most things i really miss during on the road is my lazy white cat. He Stupid, Lazy and Anoying. I love you Pat.
He's Vegetarian. Errr... Not.

The best part in my life is my adorable niece Sofia Nur Adila are in town now. After a year she living with my sister in U.Kingdom finally she come home to meet his grandma, uncle and of coz to see me too.

Going to spent quality time with my family this month before on the road again with GHOST TOWN. Huh.


al razy said...

Da siap sculpture tu hadiahkan kat aku.

sasha* said...

i love p.f haha

Kenet said...

tak tau bila nak siap tu.. haha..
aku kasi masa ko kawen la nanti.. :)