Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something To Hold.

I just find my way home. Friday i went to Taiping with Sepethian and Yunie. We drive back to Klang at 1.45a.m and reach home around 6a.m.
7.30a.m i'm out with my family straight away to Genting Highland. Damn tired. Worth it trip. Sort of memory.
Skyway. I reach the sky.

Violence breakfast. bread, butter, sekaya and hot coffee.
View from Kayangan Apartment. 7.20am
View from Apartment carpark. 8.30am

First World Hotel.

Roller Coster. Love it.I found someone outside the lobby. Guess who.

Iron Ass.

All Park and idiot box.New add on idiot box. Dunno why i still hold it.! Fuck..!Sweet corn.

A Damned Lion's.

Choco figure. Amazing.
Fish feeding.
Flying Coaster. Now you can fly like a Spiderman. I'm out.

Space Shot. Dare to try? I guest you not.! Adrenaline.

Indoor park in evening. Heaven for 15 above. Hell for me. I end up watching 2012 at cinema with my sister. Damn stupid movie. Wasted.
Snow world.
Goodnight everyone.


Anonymous said...

Your photos tell a millions words. Viewed with a mind.

ERO said...
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Mohammad Al-Aiman said...

aku suka pic yg iron ass tu
teringat terus kt iron age pastu terus pasang lagu kuat2

p/s:i miss u la bro!lama xjumpa kn?

Kenet said...

Tu la lama btol.. mana la ko menghilang.. mari mari melepak di mxpx show nanti. blanja aku makan. haha.m

Mohd Azar said...

cokelat tu mcm sedap.