Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wreck your souls

From Ghostlimb to First Blood/Alcatraz we ride with smile. Ghostlimb show are fucking unreal. Featuring Graf Orlock members no wonder they are so fucking good. I really enjoy the show and missed the atmosphere. Best show for 2010 so far. First Blood/Alcaztraz? Not my things. Out of my blood. hahaha.

Our mission to tagging BOLD show poster around Kuala Lumpur town and we did it well. Thanks to Akmal, Aff of Wild Dogs, fatul da fucka and the rest of BRNWRCK.

Next ride after BOLD/BRINGIN' IT DOWN at One Cafe, Kuala Lumpur on 6th Feb. Out Of Step SE Asia Poster/ Show + BRNWRCK tag/stencil around KL. Sorry D.B.K.L we are plenty of cruel kids who love you very much. Next ride featuring : Brnwrck, North Fixed and Wild Dogs. Bring your bike along. Ride Fast, Die Last.


.sqn said...

jealous.i really meant it. ):

Mohd Azar said...

bebas aku dah bebas(cool)

syafiq saifullah ibrahim said...

eh background bike ade phobiaklik. haha :P

Kenet said...

tak lama lagi ada la popiaklik plak.. korang rilek ja.. haha