Sunday, October 10, 2010

The sound of heartbeat.

Fuck yeah. Miles Away return! I really can't wait to see them again. Been work on this tour for last 3 month. Hopefully everything turn good. Another good band from Perth. For those who dunno Miles Away you better check em out now. They are so fucking good on stage.
Miles Away Myspace.

Miles Away - Endless Roads Southeast Asia Poster.

Endless Roads @ Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru.

Endless Roads @ Gudang Noisy, Ampang. KL
This is Halloween night show. Wear your costume or be square.

COLLAGES "Route" Shirt finally out.
You can order this shirt's thru BRNWRCK Bigcartel very soon.
Do email for pre booked or come to the show.
Printed on Gildan shirt. 100% heavyweight.
RM30 + RM5 (Shipping charge)
USD 11(postage included)

Color may vary. Size very limited.
Click to view actual size.


cef. said...

weh aku book baju kaler putih net.nti show MA kt nosiy aku amik.xde siap kau.haha.

Kenet said...